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Rohan Garg - Write up for College App

I am a technology lover and enthusiast. I have passion for Computer Science and I truly love each and every part of it. I love to learn by experimenting and I made my first program in 6th grade which was a batch program for Windows OS which would enable users to hide their files by storing in a special Vault whose access path was changed. Since then I have tried my hands on every thing I could from Portable OS & Apps to Hacking, Cryptography, Coding, Website Development, Android, Arduino and IoT

On March 16, 2016 when Ronnie Screwwala visited our college campus the college app was published and made available to all the students of Galgotias. The app has features such as ability to view attendace day by day, month wise and even subject to wise. Also one can keep track of library books they have issued and the due date. The home screen of the app shows a summary of all the various important data figures such as total classes attended, total classes missed, fine of library if any and the overall attendace so that students can keep a track of thier attendace. Students can also view their profile.

The app also features a QuickPass algorithm developed by me which ensures the FASTEST login possible meaning attendace can be fetched within 1.09 seconds provided your Internet connection is fast enough.

The app shall also have great features such as a Holiday Planner which will help students to easily calculate attendace and get predicted attendace so that they can plan their holidays accordingly.

I also hope to unite our student community by providing a great Alumnus network within the app and also providing job opportunities directly from the app. The vision of the app is to have students unite so that great interactions and opportunities occour helping the students, college and community at large to grow. I'll like to thanks Galgotias Institutions to have helped me and supported me.

The teachers as well as management are very cooperative and provide a great environment for leaning. Thanks,

Rohan Garg,
Department of Computer Science and Engineering,
6th sem,
Greater noida.
Contact : +91 9451560054