'Humanities' is a mirror to human experiences, their meanings and observations. It appreciates the complexities and the diversities of the world around us. As a discipline, it studies how people process and document the human experience and undergo constant cultural evaluation of human goals. It is impossible to make engineering work sustainable and over a long-term basis in the real world without an understanding of the social context and without involving the people for whom it is designed. Humanities and Social Science teach us to criticize and synthesize sciences and should be able to disseminate facts and refrain from assumption.

Ideas and knowledge are deeply ingrained in the society, thus the department of Humanities tries to investigate and provide a distinctive qualitative understanding of culture and human experiences. Faculty becomes a big support for the students and thus it acts as a facilitator in encouraging the students to develop high analytical skills, aptitude and reasoning skills. Students are trained in this department keeping abreast with the latest trend in technology with the objective of long term goals. Conducive environment of this department gives an edge to the students not only to become innovators in their respective field but also infuse in them to be an independent individual.

The department of Humanities offers subjects like Professional Communication, Industrial Sociology, Industrial Psychology, Human Values and Professional Ethics catering to all the branches of Engineering.

Professional Communication: RAS 104/204/154/254

India having a multilingual background, there exist multiple layers within a society with respect to language. The department endeavors in guiding the students in varied ways by helping them to understand the role of a language and its functions within a speech community. Professional Communication develops creativity, power of imagination and the ability to connect the world with the existing knowledge. It generates expressive use of language to convey human activity as well as prepare for life long learning as readers and writers. The study of professional communication fosters the ethics of scientific, humanistic and technical approaches and apprehends the potential connection between science, technology and humanities.

Students in this department experience the language and its dynamism by co-relating their lab training with their outside work thereby identifying the potential creativity that language inherits. They understand the dynamism of language(s) within a speech community with special focus on kinesics, proxemics and chronemics. Students are equipped to develop, comprehend, analyze, reason and demonstrate the problem along with its solutions more amicably. They internalize the art of communication as a life long learning through clarity, precision, conciseness and coherence while using language in practical field.

Industrial Sociology: NHU 302/402

The study of industrial sociology intends to expand the students' horizon of knowledge by exposing them to areas of study which make them sensitive to a wide range of human issues and social phenomena in general as well as specific for industry. The subjects supplement the engineering students about the understanding of the social and humanistic part of industry which will contribute effectively to their role in understanding the growth and productivity of industry. It would enable them to appreciate their role in national reconstruction, economic development by responding to the fast development challenges posed by globalization and industrialization.

Industrial Psychology: NHU 301/401

The Industrial Psychology or Organizational Psychology course is designed to train engineering students in the scientific study of human behavior in the world of work. We expect students to obtain a firm grounding in several basic areas of industrial psychology as well as develop a strong foundation in theory, research, and practical techniques. The course emphasizes the contributions of both industrial and organizational psychology to the understanding of workplace behavior. We train students to apply theory and research of organizational and human resource management problems in organizations.

Students acquire knowledge of engineering psychology by building a bridge between the equipment and the environment. They are also able to understand their individual psychological capacities and limitations and thereby grow with the objective of improving overall system performance (involving human and machine elements).

Human Values & Professional Ethics: AUC-001

This subject deals with the basic question that science & technology has led to continuous progress of mankind but we are still facing various problems at all the levels. The individuals are still confused with respect in lack of clarity on life goals, contradictions and stress. Value education tries to understand 'what is of value or what is valuable to a human-being'. Value thus provides the basis for all our actions and there is an essential relationship between values and skills, which needs to be ensured in any education system. It enables students to live fulfilling life in harmony with oneself, family, society and nature. The subject facilitates the development of holistic perspectives among students towards life and profession as well as towards happiness and prosperity based on correct understanding of human reality and rest of existence. It would highlight plausible implications of such holistic understanding in terms of ethical human conduct, trustful and mutually fulfilling behavior and mutually enriching interaction with nature.

Course Duration and Fee

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  1. 'Improving lives through learning'. The society of 'Professional Communication' and 'Universal Human Values and Professional Ethics' tries to transform and promote the lives of our student's success through lifelong learning by cultivating an environment of fellowship, inclusiveness, and respect.
  2. The society of Professional Communication strive to imbibe an authority and command in the discipline of designing and creating content; doctrine the subtlety of the content; and to value the nuances of articulation.
  3. The society of Human Values and Ethics makes an effort to lay the foundation for human actions and behaviour thus inculcating an indispensable relationship between values and skills which every human should possess.


  1. Unlock the communicative competence of the students thereby promoting them to encounter the global challenges the industry and organization throws at them.
  2. School in conceptualizing, analyzing and comprehending concepts, theories and its applications through context based learning, discovery of novel concepts of arts and communication.
  3. Builds up the skills to combat the global workforce and beyond with respect to life goals, contradictions and stress through Human Values and Professional Ethics.
  4. Facilitate to improve the holistic perspectives among students towards life and profession as well as towards happiness and prosperity based on the understanding of human reality and rest of existence.

Program Educational Objectives

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Program Outcomes

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  • B.Tech. Program of "Mechanical Engineering" and "Electronics & Communication Engineering" is Accredited by NBA from session 2017-2018 till 2019-2020
  • B.Tech. Program of "Mechanical Engineering" and "Electronics & Communication Engineering" is Accredited by NBA from session 2017-2018 till 2019-2020
  • B.Tech. Program of "Mechanical Engineering" and "Electronics & Communication Engineering" is Accredited by NBA from session 2017-2018 till 2019-2020
  • B.Tech. Program of "Mechanical Engineering" and "Electronics & Communication Engineering" is Accredited by NBA from session 2017-2018 till 2019-2020