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Name Batch GATE Score All India Rank
Dushyant Shukla 2011 477 4965 Dushyant Shukla
Navneet kaur 2011 600 1795 Navneet kaur
Nidhi 2011 322 17048 Nidhi
Rohit Agarwal 2011 400 9201 Rohit Agarwal
Shivam Gupta 2011 425 7499 Shivam Gupta
Shubhangi Agarwal 2011 593 1927 Shubhangi Agarwal
Tulika Agarwal 2011 544 2931 Tulika Agarwal


Name Batch CAT Score Percentile
Pawan Agarwal 2011 127.36 88.14 Pawan Agarwal
Abhinav Gupta 2011 163.18 96.39 Abhinav Gupta


Name Batch CMAT Score Percentile
Pawan Agarwal 2011 176 96.74 Pawan Agarwal


Name Batch GRE Score Percentile
Alabhaya Maheshwari 2011 156.5 71.5 Alabhaya Maheshwari

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